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How To Fix PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0 - The Error Code Pros.

22.11.2015 · CE-34878-0 is one of those strange errors that have hunted the PS4 since day one. Your best bet is to play it offline until Bethesda releases the patch and hope that it fix the problem, if it doesn't then backup your system and contact Sony and send it in to them. Solution 5: If you’re using a third-party HDD, switch to the original. Many PlayStation 4 users replace the console’s original HDD with a third-party HDD, usually to expand the console’s storage space. CE-34878-0 is one of those strange errors that have hunted the PS4 since day one. Your best bet is to play it offline until Bethesda releases the patch and hope that it fix the problem, if it doesn't then backup your system and contact Sony and send it in to them.

Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. If you still run into the CE-34878-0 error, take a look at fix 2 below. Fix 3: Patch Game Check to see if the game has a new patch or a new update that fixes the problem.

Warning Initializing PS4 will delete all the settings, games, and applications saved before. So you'd better back up your saved data at first using the methods provided in Fix 3. Im offiziellen Playstation-Forum häufen sich aktuell die Meldungen über den Fehlercode "CE-34878-0", der für zahlreiche frustrierte PS4-Besitzer sorgt. Dieser taucht bei den. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. There appears to be a widespread PlayStation 4 error, leading to corrupt data and lost saved games.

1 Go to PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management. 2 Select Saved Data in System Storage if you want to save it in your PS4 system, or you can select Saved Data on USB Storage Device in you have inserted the USB drive into your PS4. One thing you can try is to rebuild your PS4 database. If you turn off your PS4, and then when the light stops flashing and it's off then hold the power button down and it should beep.

Return of the Obra Dinn is coming to PS4 later this year. The news has been confirmed by the game’s developer Lucas Pope. Read more. PlayStation 4 users have taken to Sony’s support forum to raise complaints regarding the console’s ‘ce-34878-0’ error, which has seen gamers lose progress across a range of titles. Everyone hates it when a game crashes. Not only does it interrupt whatever you were doing but chances are good that unless autosave just kicked in that you lost a.

Fix PS4 PlayStation 4 Error Code CE-34878-0 - FixErrorCode.

Website ©2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited. Sämtlicher Inhalt, sämtliche Spieltitel, Handelsnamen beziehungsweise Aufmachungen, Warenzeichen, Illustrationen und damit verbundene Bilder sind Warenzeichen beziehungsweise urheberrechtlich geschützte Werke ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer. CE-34878-0 is a general error, one that indicates the game you were playing has crashed. Hopefully you'll be able to just restart the game after the crash and pick up where you left off. Hopefully you'll be able to just restart the game after the crash and pick up where you left off.

Error CE-34878-0 in Fallout 4. Initialize PS4 as a fix.

18.07.2019 · Crashed my PS4 5 times including once to a black screen. So this disc must go into the trash, as I won't trust this copy to not destroy a PS4. So this disc must go into the trash, as I won't trust this copy to not destroy a PS4. Freddyblood 206 Hace 3 años 1 Hola soy despedazator el mejor player del fallout No digáis tonterías, me acabe el juego 3 veces y nunca me saco de la partida algún bug q otro si pero nada más. Initialize your PlayStation 4 This option deletes all user and game data on the hard disk drive. Before doing this step, if possible, save your data not just Fallout 76 to an external storage device or back it up to the cloud via PlayStation®Plus storage. Auch über Fehler CE-34878-0 stolpern PS4-Nutzer gelegentlich, vor allem wenn sie versuchen den Playroom der Sony Konsole zu betreten. Im Forum berichtet ein Spieler, dass das Problem bei ihm. 05.01.2018 · I use Plex on PS4 pretty regularly and do not have any crashes. can you turn on logging in the app which will write to your server log. Hopefully we can see what it is doing before crash.

This step most often cures the CE-34878-o error, but if it does not, your next logical step is to return your PS4 to factory settings and then re-install your game. Boot it up in safe mode again. That is a good question, as far as I can tell it's been happening since day one and continues to happen with basically all games. 02.06.2016 · Or are they just going to pretend like it doesn't exist? This happens to multiple people on multiple PS4 games but it still hasn't been fixed. I'm. Was kann ich tun, wenn beim Versuch, Fallout 4 zu spielen, der Fehlermeldung "CE-34878-0" angezeigt wird? Hierbei handelt es sich um einen spezifischen Fehlercode der PlayStation 4. Um das Problem zu beheben, empfehlen wir, das Spiel zu beenden und sicherzustellen, dass die aktuellsten System- und Spielupdates installiert sind.

16.05.2016 · About us. Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. Hello guys, Should the issue persist, you should contact the Sony support for more information and help. Thank you for your understanding. Diese Woche gab es vermehrt Berichte von Besitzern einer PlayStation 4 über einen mysteriösen und Spielstände-zerstörenden Fehler mit der Nummer CE-34878-0. 27.04.2016 · I don't know it was the same code, but my game also PS4 crashed twice the other day just from standing on a summon sign. I hadn't initiated the summons either time; I just wanted to.

Below are troubleshooting steps and some of the common PS4™ console and storage device error codes. PlayStation ® 4 Console Errors CE-34878-0, CE-36329-3 - An. I'very gotten this with a few games, the most frustrating of which was Resident Evil HD. The combination of random crashes and limited amounts of save opportunities has kept me from going back to it.

A temporary but easy fix for the No Man's Sky Beyond crashing dilemma on PS4 with error code CE-34878-0. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Submit a Ticket Can't Sign In?

21.01.2014 · Matt Peckham is TIME's video games, science tech and music tech correspondent based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His work has appeared in Variety,. Seit Veröffentlichung von Sonys PlayStation 4 hat es bereits mehrere Fehlermeldungen gegeben, die ein Spielen auf der Next-Gen-Konsole unmöglich. Fallout 4 is glitched as a 3 legged goat, I had crashes also, it's not just u, as people will try and tell u lol I been told to unplug the ps4 from the Internet but I pay for PlaystTion plus, I. Confirmed. Worked fine till a public event started, then CE-34878-0 Getting real tired of this.

Okay. It sounds like this is an issue with the game itself. I'm having problems with the game myself, mostly the cursor getting stuck on the screen and the menus at the same time. Havent figured it out yet, ive been talking with activision and PSN for 5 days now. They have no clue how to fix it. ive initialized my ps4 3 times and deleted and re downloaded the app 4-5 times with no success. i just purchased a external hard drive and im attempting to do option 7 from from safe mode. ill let you know how that goes.

imposible conseguir el logro de llegar a nivel 95 asi, el juego hace crasheos continuos y mueres por ello en los mapas. 05.08.2019 · unlikely - in any case there shouldn't be any crashing - just the fact you are crashing once a week is a tell sign that something is wrong. I have recently bought a brand new ps4 - so now I have 3 ps4 and all yield the same issue. 26.06.2018 · After that i can not start the game, always CE-34878-0 before main menu. Restart console, redownload the game does not helps. Restart console, redownload the game does not helps. My ps4 nickname is same as here.

Tom Phillips. News Editor. Tom is Eurogamer's news editor. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles. Playstation 4 gamers are hit by a mysterious error code "CE-34878-0", it directly affects users' save files irrespective of games. Sony has issued an official.

Bought this game the day it came out. Has been playing smoothly until today. While entering the town of Riften, I was confronted by Maul. We missed last week’s PlayStation LifeStyle Help Desk after being away at Bungie checking out Rise of Iron, but we’re back hitting the ground running this week. Kyle has been writing about video games since he convinced his high school newspaper to let him review Mega Man X7. He's been doing it professionally for nearly a decade, and once even wrote a. CE-33945-4 Connection to server failed. You may experience issues when connecting to your local network, if that’s the case, there are a couple of ways to fix the problem. Solution: The issue might come from the PSN or the game’s servers. Make sure to check the status of the PSN. If the servers of the game and the PSN are up and running, perform an Internet connection test by going to.

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