• April 14, 2024

Haroldo Jacobovicz: A Pioneer in the World of Technology


Curitiba, Brazil – Haroldo Jacobovicz, renowned entrepreneur and investor, has made a
lasting impact in the technology industry. With a career spanning over three
decades, Jacobovicz Jacobovicz has consistently sho wcased his expertise and innovation in
the field. As the co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Arlequim
Technologies, his latest venture has taken a significant step forward by
entering the retail market. 

During the Smart City Expo Curitiba 2024, one of the most prominent technology and
innovation even ts of the year, Jacobovicz announced Arlequim Technologies’
official foray into the consumer market. This strategic move has been in the
works for some time, with dedicated teams diligently studying consumer habits
in personal computing, not just for work and education, but also for leisure
and entertainment. 

Arlequim Technologies is set to launch a diverse product line tailored to cater to the
specific needs of individual consumers. One noteworthy offering, which captured
attention at the SmartCity event, is the Arlequim Gamer. Equipped with NVIDIA’s
vGPUs, this product transforms any device into a high-performance gaming
machine, revolutionizing the gaming experience

When Jacobovicz and his partner, Noeli Isfer, founded Arlequim in 2021, they
introduced their venture to the market as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
provider. Initially focused on serving the corporate sector, both public an d
private, the company has now expanded its horizons to cater to a wider

The decision to enter the retail market stems from Arlequim Tech nologies’
commitment to making their innovative and practical solution accessible to as
many people as possible. Recognizing the growing demand, especially from casual
gamers, the company aims to attract early adopters who are eager to experience
the benefits of their virtual computing solution. 

To facilitate adoption, Arlequim Technologies will offer flexible pricing options
for individual customers, allowing them to choose hourly or daily
subscriptions. Unlike the monthly subscription model for corporate clients,
this approach ensures that anyone can easily access the high-performance
virtual computing experience without requiring extensive  technical knowledge. 

In a recent interview with Gazeta do Povo, one of Brazil’s leading newspapers,
Arlequim’s CEO, Mauricio Montilla, delved into the company’s plans for the
retail  market. The interview highlighted Arlequim’s commitment to providing
seamless access to cutting-edge technology for individuals. 

As the retail offering becomes available for consumers to explore, Haroldo
Jacobovicz and Arlequim Technologies are set to redefine the personal computing
landscape. With their visionary approach and dedication to  innovation, they
continue to solidify their position as pioneers in the world of technology.